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05 August 2009 @ 10:49 am
So this has to do with my company, Talenthouse. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in a collaboration with Boy George himself please sign up for the remix contest. And let me know if you need any further information!

Here at Talenthouse, we strive to provide opportunities to artists at all stages of their career and believe in the power of artistic collaboration.

Anyone who is a member of the Talenthouse community can extend or participate in an “Artist Invite” – an open call to artists to get involved in projects ranging from designing a logo to composing music to producing or performing in a film or video.

We are excited this week to highlight an Artist Invite project hosted by one of the icons of the creative collaboration – Boy George.

Boy George is a great supporter of Talenthouse and is looking for new talent to work with on his upcoming track. Artists are invited to create a club/dance mix of Boy George’s new a cappela track “Yes We Can” currently available on Talenthouse.

The five artists who receive the highest number of votes from the Talenthouse community will present their ideas and tracks to Boy George. From this group, Boy George will choose the artist with whom he will collaborate to finalize the track.

In a recent interview, Boy George said:

“The idea is to bring together different creative entities, people that may want to work together or inspire others, which is why I’m involved with Talenthouse. If Talenthouse had been around in the early eighties, I would have totally been involved in it then too.”

Each week, we will highlight an Artist Invite from members of the Talenthouse community. Artist Invites will include projects in music, fashion, film, art and photography.

Boy George and the Talenthouse community can’t wait to hear your track– get started on your mix today!

For more information on collaborating with Boy George, check out his Artist Invite on Talenthouse at:

-Talenthouse Team
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