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Hii, I'm Lolly. Irish, French, German. Virgo.
INTERESTS alphabetizing things. art. being organized. coffee. cooking. catching up with old friends. dancing. eating healthy. going green. learning. making people smile. meeting my favorite artists/celebs. photo shoots. playing in the rain. playing sports. pretty hair. reading. seeing my favorite artists play. shopping. staying thin. tanning. texas hold'em. thai food. traveling. trying new things.
MUSIC give me a little bit of everything. some favorites include: thirty seconds to mars, katy perry, jay-z, the used, aerosmith, tyler hilton, good charlotte, bethany joy, gavin degraw, angel taylor, joey degraw, britney spears, p!nk, coheed and cambria, death cab for cutie, atreyu.
TV one tree hill, boy meets world, so you think you can dance, full house, most shows on the food network, weeds, the office.

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"You owe it to them to be the best version of yourself. The version where you fight for what you want. The version where you are not afraid to be great. You're better for them when you're living your dreams and there is nothing selfish about that.
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